Shelton Washington - Shellon (Shelly) Washington Enoch's Wize Starz Corp Horrible Business

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Shelly as she is known says her business is based at 134 N 13th St in Newark, NJ 07107 was absolutely the worst business person I have ever worked with.I order some lace front wigs from her and she took my money and I never received the product.

She is all talk and after looking around for other place that sell lace front wigs I realized she even over prices you on them as well... watchout ladies she is a b****!!!

I even talked to other people that have worked with her and said they stopped working with her because she is a scam artist.She only want to take your money or get you to do work for her and then skip out on paying you...

Review about: Lace Front Wigs.


Fort Myer, Virginia, United States #672592

Who ever you are slandering my company's profile please stop.This company was established but never conducted any business.

In case you never went to school it's a dormant company.Stop spreading false rumors & get a life.

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